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Q - What areas do we cover?
Our technicians are situated throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area and antenna installations are available throughout all suburbs. We also cover regional areas from north as Gawler and south as Victor Harbour.

Q - Can an antenna be mounted under a roof space?
We rarely recommended due to the quality of the signal being significantly reduced. If a customer request that the antenna is to be placed under a tiled roof or other roof type we can achieve this but the high quality image could not be guaranteed.

Q - How many TV points can my antenna provide?
Each point whether in use or not reduces the signal by approximately 10%. Signal strength is required to be between 55 to 80dB. If there are more than 4 points to the premises the signal would reduce to less than the minimal signal and an amplifier would be needed to boost the signal. We can supply a booster in the event multiple outlets of more than 4 are required.

Q - What do we tune?
We tune DVD recorders, all televisions including plasmas and LCDs, video recorders and digital set top boxes.

Q - Can we assist the DIY customer?
We are committed to providing a level of service to all our customers. This includes sales of products, technical advice on antenna installations or service.

Q - How are payments made?
On antenna installation payments are made to the technician on the completion of the service. We accept Cash, cheque and credit card payments can be made via our portable EFTPOS terminals.

Antennas are digital compatible & ready for the changeover to digital television.

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