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Home Theatre
From easily connecting your existing system, to mounting LCD/Plasma TV’s to the wall, to completely integrated set ups Adelaide Digital Solutions can do the job. We can also conceal all cables, mount speakers, connect DVD players, Foxtel, Play Stations, Nintendo’s and more....

Call us on 0419 828 981 to discuss all your home theatre installation needs and arrange for an in-home appointment and a no obligation quote.

Service Calls
Sometimes a simple antenna isn’t the solution for your problem. In these situations a loose connection/tuning or other minor repair work can be performed by our skilled technicians. Adelaide Digital Solutions offers competitive service calls. You’ve also got the comfort of knowing that if any service call requires more major work (installation of a new antenna or new cabling) a free quote will be offered instead to resolve the problem.
Call us on 0419 828 981 today to arrange the next available booking time.

Extra TV Points
Do you have poor quality pictures in the bedroom or kitchen? Are you sick of adjusting bunny ears? We can install extra TV points by connecting a cable to your existing antenna.

Plasma / LCD Mounting
Want to mount your Plasma/LCD on a wall? We can do it, and connect all
your equipment and conceal cables in the wall.

Phone & Data Points
We can install phone and data points to any room in the house.

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Free Quotes

Please email me if you are after a quote, would like to book a job in or have a general enquiry or alternatively call me on 0419 828 981.

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